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Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Sun May 3 15:28:07 EDT 2020

First thing, I would probably hook a test lamp across the blown fuse.  That 
will save a whole pile of blown fuses.  Any time it lights, a fuse would 
have blown.

Cursory inspection of exposed wires isn't likely to find anything.  If there 
is damaged wire insulation, it will probably be due to a pinched wire in 
some obscure location.  Additionally, I don't believe any engine compartment 
wires powered through that fuse will be hot unless the brake lights or tail 
lights are on.  Likewise, the problem is unlikely to be anywhere downstream 
of a properly working switch in the off position.

Isolating parts of the circuits that are powered by the fuse will narrow 
down the area to look.  The first suspect on my list is the headlight 
switch.  Heat from the headlight circuit breaker can damage both plastic 
parts and contacts.  So remove and unplug the switch.  Just removing the 
switch so the switch frame isn't grounded may stop the fuse from blowing. 
If it still blows, unplug the switch.  If it still blows, the trouble could 
be in the dome lights etc. circuits.  If the removing or unplugging made the 
fuses quit blowing, it was almost certainly the switch.

Jim Becker

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The 10 amp fuse protecting the tail/brake lamps, glove box and courtesy 
lamps and clock (etc?) in my '66 Corsa blows upon insertion, even with lamps 
off.  My level of electrical expertise is low, but it sounds like a direct 
short to ground.  I've done a cursory inspection of exposed wiring in the 
engine compartment and under the dash and haven't found any damaged 
insulation. Any suggestions of most likely problem areas that I should 
investigate first??  Thanks.

Kent G
St. Louis, MO

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