<VV> Blowing fuses

Jim Becker mr.jebecker at gmail.com
Mon May 4 13:16:23 EDT 2020

I made a somewhat similar tool.  It wasn't intended for this particular use, 
but works the same way.  I had a hunk of old wiring harness that happened to 
have a side marker socket.  I stripped out the socket and about 5 or 6 feet 
of wire.  Small alligator clips were installed on the other end of both 
wires.  The alligator clips can be connected to each end of the fuse holder 
and used as Smitty says.

The real reason I made it was to have a miniature drop light.  With a 
conventional drop light, it seems like you have the choice of getting the 
light positioned to illuminate the subject at hand or getting your head in 
position to see it.  But there isn't room to do both at once.  A little side 
marker light can be stuffed in so it illuminates things but leaves room to 
get my head positioned.  If you want to look inside something like a gas 
tank, you can literally stick the bulb inside the tank.

Jim Becker

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I have run into fuse blowing problems often enough that I finally made a 
tool to aid in trouble shooting.  Works very well.  Solder a couple of wires 
two ft long to a light bulb.  Solder the other end to the end caps of a 
blown fuse.  Stick the fuse in the holder and hang the bulb up where you can 
watch it as you search for the short.  I ran six ft of wire one time so I 
could chase a short I suspected in the tunnel area of a Vair.  When I moved 
a wire bundle the light went out and I knew I was in the ball park.

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