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On 11/10/2020 10:31 AM, Vairtec Corporation via VirtualVairs wrote:
> There are two longtime members in my local club who hold views on torque 
> values that are opposite extremes.
> One of them uses a torque wrench on EVERYTHING.  I joke that he even 
> uses a torque wrench on the tire valve caps.
> The other does not own a torque wrench and simply tightens things by hunch.

Back in the 1960s there was a garage a block from me that did a lot of 
auto repair work, including engine overhaul service.  The guy who did 
them was older, grizzly looking, and I was watching him finish up the 
assembly of a Pontiac 389 that had spun a bearing.  There was no torque 
wrench to be seen anywhere.  Head bolts got tightened in 3 stages, still 
no torque wrench...

Up front, I asked if the old guy ever used a torque wrench, counter guy 
(who I expected to kinda brush me off since I was about 16) said he'd 
never seen grizzly guy touch one.

He said they'd been rebuilding engines engines for many years and 
grizzly guy was the one who did them all and he never used a torque 
wrench, and not a single engine he'd done had ever come back.  He was 
evidently pretty good at what he did.

I was impressed.

tony..  uses a torque wrench on critical stuff cuz I ain't That good

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