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If the stud is snapped off flush, I get them out by welding a nut onto 
the broken stud then work the fastener back and forth with a wrench. 
Don't try to just brute-force unscrew it straight-off.  Rock it back and 
forth a bit at a time til it loosens.  Usually the welding heat is 
enough to burn off much of the O2 in the rust which grips the stud, 
leaving grey ferrite behind.  In other words, it shrinks slightly.  This 
usually allows you to unscrew the fastener.  Usually. Other times you 
may need to heat the cast iron til it's just short of glowing, Then try 
rocking the fastener left then right then left etc.  Don't wait for the 
work to cool do it while it's hot.

No luck?  Repeat the process, until it Does come loose.  Sometimes it 
takes patience.

Do NOT use impact tools.  It never works... :)

I'm not seen a broken stud in an exhaust manifold I couldn't get out 
this way.

BTW... as far as penetrants go, it's hard to beat a 50-50 mix of ATF and 
acetone, and old school Liquid Wrench is running a tight (no pun) 2nd in 
its ability to loosen stuck stuff.

The wax trick can also work since just about anything that will weep 
down the threads is going to help the fastener to turn.


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