<VV> I am stunned at the prices of Corvairs these days.

Eberhard flash at vicsmba.com
Sat Apr 10 19:28:15 EDT 2021

I am looking to sell my restored (by California Corvair Parts, Jeff
Williams)  62 Monza coupe with factor A/C and Kelsey Hayes wheels.  So I
went online to check current values.  Several Rampsides for 40-50k!!!
Modified (not original) Corvairs of all ages in the 20-40k!  An expensive


I love Corvairs but due to health reasons I need to sell.


I guess Corvairs are growing up!  I have a HUGE supply of various NOS parts
as well as some used, and of course the coupe for sale.  My contacts are
below and my email address is flash at vicsmba.com






Eric S Eberhard

2933 W Middle Verde Rd

Camp Verde, AZ  86322


928-567-3727            (land line)

928-301-7537            (cell phone)


http://www.vicsmba.com <http://www.vicsmba.com/> 




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