<VV> cam question /sludge

Matt patiomatt at aol.com
Wed Jun 9 16:59:33 EDT 2021

If what you call “sludge” was on the pan,,,,, That’s LEAD from the gasoline in the 60/ 70’s.

Matt Nall
Sea Mountain
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Upon disassembling the 95 hp engine from my '65 500, I was blown away at the amount of sludge I found inside.  And also from the amount of damage to the lifters.  All 12 were severely dimpled.  And, if the lifters are dimpled, then it would stand to reason that the cam must be severely worn as well.  It seems that the previous owner knew nothing about that ZDDP thing. The rest of the engine seems ok.  It's weird.  I drove the car about 3 weeks prior to my beginning to work on it and it ran fine.  I figured that all it would need is a good cleaning and reseal.  Then, I looked inside.  Oh well. 

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