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Wed Jan 19 19:16:47 EST 2022

On 1/18/2022 6:42 PM, Vairzwa via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Hot start issue may be the valve adjustment is too tight.
> Check manifold vacuum when cold and again when hot.
> If manifold vacuum is stable when cold and erratic when hot, do a valve adjustment.

Now, all that having been said:

Just for funzies, to confirm if valve lash is the issue, there's a quick 
and dirty way to check.   Get the engine up to temperature, with it 
running rough.  Shut it off.   Don't let it cool.  Remove the rocker 
covers.   Grab your breaker bar and 5/8 socket and back off ALL the 
rocker nuts 1/2 turn.  Step back, restart the engine.  Rev it a bit to 
pick up any slack in the valve train as you spatter hot oil onto the 
floor/ground/driveway/cardboard etc.  If it now runs better, go through 
the valve adjustment procedure.  If nothing changes and it still runs 
rough, at least you haven't yet vulcanized your fore arms with hot oil 
while adjusting rockers with a hot engine running.   This usually works 
as a check if the rockers haven't been mis-adjusted far and away beyond 


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