<VV> WTB - Lakewood script and looking for other Wagon parts

Tony . ottawacorvairguy at yahoo.ca
Sun Jan 23 10:10:38 EST 2022

Want To Buy
 I need a left and right Lakewood script - It has to be complete. However, the chrome doesn't have to be in good shape.
I need to give it to the person who will be making my new custom script for the Electric Corvair Wagon project. 
Otherwise, I need to take the car there to be 3d printed for the quarter panel shape and the location of the holes. 
If I can't find any - my other option would be to borrow a set - KEEPING them LOCAL to the owner and having the owner drop them off at a place near them that can make my script for me and picking them up when they are finished.
Please let me know what you have and which option best suits you.  If selling - how much?  Shipping to 13669 NY...  
NOTE: I also am looking for and need other Wagon parts
1. Factory Wagon front bench seat - with hardware2. Factory Wagon rear seat - with all hardware .3. Heater duct work - complete from engine to and including under dash 4. Factory Wagon Roof Rack
I'M ALSO LOOKING FOR:One LM 66-69 spindle - left or right side. I'm working with someone to have a custom set made with Corvette C5/C6 hubs. 
Let me know what you have and if there is any cost.  (NOTE: I only need them for measurements and not to use - so the bearing area and/or the end treads can be ruined.) 
For those interested and don't already know. Back in 2009 - I purchased Bryan Blackwell's wagon shell to turn into an EV. 
This idea of mine is over 30 years in the making, as I knew I wanted to build a DIY EV once technology got better.. Bryan's Wagon was the right platform at the right time. It's now the right time to start building it - now that our other house finally sold and my health is good again. GRIN & LOL 

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