<VV> WTB - Lakewood script and looking for other Wagon parts

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Sun Jan 23 11:57:24 EST 2022

I'd like to hear more about the EV wagon as you move forward with the 

Mark N

On 1/23/22 10:10 AM, Tony . via VirtualVairs wrote:
> Want To Buy
>   I need a left and right Lakewood script - It has to be complete. However, the chrome doesn't have to be in good shape.
> I need to give it to the person who will be making my new custom script for the Electric Corvair Wagon project.
> Otherwise, I need to take the car there to be 3d printed for the quarter panel shape and the location of the holes.
> If I can't find any - my other option would be to borrow a set - KEEPING them LOCAL to the owner and having the owner drop them off at a place near them that can make my script for me and picking them up when they are finished.
> Please let me know what you have and which option best suits you.  If selling - how much?  Shipping to 13669 NY...
> NOTE: I also am looking for and need other Wagon parts
> 1. Factory Wagon front bench seat - with hardware2. Factory Wagon rear seat - with all hardware .3. Heater duct work - complete from engine to and including under dash 4. Factory Wagon Roof Rack
> I'M ALSO LOOKING FOR:One LM 66-69 spindle - left or right side. I'm working with someone to have a custom set made with Corvette C5/C6 hubs.
> Let me know what you have and if there is any cost.  (NOTE: I only need them for measurements and not to use - so the bearing area and/or the end treads can be ruined.)
> For those interested and don't already know. Back in 2009 - I purchased Bryan Blackwell's wagon shell to turn into an EV.
> This idea of mine is over 30 years in the making, as I knew I wanted to build a DIY EV once technology got better.. Bryan's Wagon was the right platform at the right time. It's now the right time to start building it - now that our other house finally sold and my health is good again. GRIN & LOL
> Thanks,Tony

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