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How to order the National Technical
Information Service (NTIS) Report
on 1960-63 Corvair safety

courtesy of Kent Sullivan, April 12, 2000

The following letter details the procedure to follow if interested in the National Highway Transport Safety Administration's findings on Ralph Nader's claims that early Corvair handling was "unsafe."

Dear customer,

For NTIS order number PB211014 sells for $28.50 per copy, title for this publication is Panel Evaluation of the NHTSA Approach to the 1960-1963 Corvair Handling and Stability. Publication date shows 25 January 1972. Publication PB211015 sells for $41.00 per copy. Title: Evaluation of the 1960-1963 Corvair Handling and Stability.
Publication date July 1972. NTIS charges a $5.00 handling fee on your total order.

NTIS accepts checks and credit cards. Please include you expiration date.

Sales 1-800-553-6847

Fax 703-605-6900

Email (hot link):

5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161

NTIS website:

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