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V V   L i b r a r y

The Library area contains only two documents at this time; a short history of Virtual Vairs by Bryan Blackwell, and the text of a speech by Robert Benzinger, delivered at the National CORSA Convention in July of 1975.

This area is intended to host interesting Corvair related documents written by Virtual Vairs members. Space available is NOT LIMITED by the size of the table below. It can easily be expanded! Send contributions to the e-mail address at the bottom of the page. 

I n d e x   o f   L i b r a r y   F i l e s
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A Short History of Virtual Vairs by Bryan Blackwell

Robert Benzinger's speech to the National CORSA Convention, July, 1975

Details on how to order the NHTSA report on 1960-63 Corvair handling

The Top 10 Reasons to Own a Corvair

This space available to VV members

This space available to VV members

Send your Corvair related articles in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect format, and any associated graphics files in .jpg or .gif format to Gary Aubé at: gaube@corvaircorsa.com 


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