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From the home office in Lemont, IL
The Top 10 Reasons to Own a Corvair

10. CORSA The Corvair Society of America, established in 1969, with over 120 chapters, has 5300 members around the world. CORSA's monthly magazine, the CORSA Communique, is a perennial winner of the Golden Quill Award, and features historical articles, technical topics, stories about member vehicles, and ads for cars and parts. CORSA hosts a yearly convention that draws 1200 people. Virtual Vairs, the Corvair online group, hosts 750 active participants in lively and informative discussions on all things Corvair.

9. VARIETY The Corvair, unlike any other single marque built in the U.S., provides a collectible vehicle to appeal to almost every taste, from coupes, convertibles, station wagons, and sedans to pickup trucks, passenger and panel vans. A total of almost two million Corvairs were produced, many of which survive today.

8. AFFORDABILITY Have you always wanted a Classic Car, but didn't think you could afford it? Think again! Unlike many cars from the 1960s, the Corvair remains reasonably priced. Fully restored vehicles can be purchased for much less that $10,000. Due to their rugged design, Corvairs do not require expensive maintenance and many are still driven daily. The Corvair is a value leader in restoration.

7. UNIQUENESS The Corvair is the only mass-produced American car featuring an air-cooled, rear-mounted engine, a fully-independent suspension, mounted on a unibody chassis. No other collectible vehicle from the 1960s says "different" as convincingly as the Corvair. Motor Trend voted the 1960 Corvair "Car of the Year" for all of its breakthroughs in design and styling.

6. SAFETY Contrary to incorrect media accounts, the Corvair is the only vehicle ever proven safe by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In its landmark July 1972 report, the NHTSA exonerated the 1960-63 Corvairs, as well as the 1964 and the 1965-1969 models. Slip behind the wheel of a Corvair and you'll quickly discover its road-holding capability—it's truly a driver's car.

5. RESOURCES If you're new to Corvairs, don't worry—there is an incredible array of information to help you purchase, maintain, restore, or customize: Chevy shop manuals, factory assembly manuals, detailed books on the Corvair's history, step-by-step restoration guides, and multi-volume technical guides containing all the info Chevy left out. And there are nearly 200 Internet sites devoted to the Corvair.

4. RACING Few cars have as proud a racing heritage as the Corvair. The Corvair Yenko Stinger was the first specially-produced vehicle by the legendary Don Yenko. A Stinger won its SCCA road-racing class championship in 1967 and many Corvair owners continue today in both SCCA and vintage road racing events. Corvairs run many autocross events each weekend. Many racers feel the Corvair is the ultimate in low-budget vintage racing.

3. PERFORMANCE With more high performance Corvair parts available now, it's easy to see why enthusiasts turn to the Corvair. Carburetor conversions, fuel injection, disk brakes, five-speed transmissions are available along with many other high performance parts. If that's not enough for you, there are V-8 engine conversions. Those who enjoy customizing Corvairs are as welcome as those who prefer leaving things just as they were manufactured.

2. FUN Our hectic everyday lives don't allow for much leisure so it's important to spend time on things we really enjoy. Corvair owners are united in their conviction about how much fun they have. Whether it's the Corvair's sporty looks, snappy handling, wide variety of models, racing pedigree, performance opportunities, uniqueness in history, or safety on the road, there's plenty to enjoy with this classic vehicle.

1. PEOPLE As fun as Corvairs are, what really impresses newcomers in the Corvair hobby are the amazing people who are involved. CORSA and its chapters across the world are filled with energetic, friendly, helpful, humorous, humble, and caring people who will take an interest in you, not just your vehicle. Attend a Corvair event and you'll quickly see how many people have made life-long friends. Won't you please consider joining us?

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