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Mark Baehr
'65 Corsa sport coupe

Here'a a photo of my '65 Corsa coupe, which is the third of three I've owned. I donated the first car, a running '66 coupe, to a local enthusiast, but kept the second car, a '65 convertible I've been working on since '96.

The coupe has a 140, 4-speed, rebuilt front and rear suspension, including Clark's HD springs and Carrera shocks, some relatively minor engine work, and Rally wheels. Otherwise the car is pretty much stock. Overall, it works so well its replaced my 240SX, which has been gathering dust since October of '99!

This is one of the first photos taken with a recently purchased digital camera -- now if I could only make a few of those car shows...

Mark Baehr's '65 Corsa sport coupe

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