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V V   P e o p l e   /   E v e n t s
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VV Group, Corvair Speedweek, Daytona, 2000

Chuck Armer and Gary Aubé, Helen, GA, 1999

Larry Claypool and Gerald Eckl, Williamsburg, 1994

Bill Devin and Richard Finch at the GWFBT, 1999

Tony Fiore and Rick Norris, Williamsburg, 1994

VV Group, Great Western Fan Belt Toss, 1999

VV Group, Great Western Fan Belt Toss, 1998

VV Group, CORSA International Convention, Williamsburg, 1994

M e m b e r s '   R i d e s
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John and Amy Adams - 1965 Monza sport sedan

Mike and Judi Bath - 1963 Monza club coupe

Mark Baehr - 1965 Corsa sport coupe

Dave Binnie - 1965 Monza with blow-through turbo

Dave Brown - 1969 Monza sport coupe

Jim Bryant - 1965 Monza sport sedan 

Larry Claypool - 'Vair Shop van and "Lead Tail Lump"

Michael Donley - '66 Monza convertible

Jon Gilbert - 1968 Monza convertible

Chris Hand - 1966 Corsa sport coupe

Victor Howard - Twin Monzas and a 1961 Rampside

Keith and Joy Klemm - 1964 Monza Spyder convertible

Allan V. Lacki - 1966 Monza sport coupe

Ken Lundy - 1964 Monza convertible

Doug Mackintosh - 1962 Monza club coupe

Robert Marlow - 1964 Monza convertible

John and Chris Miller - 1966 Corvair 500 sport sedan

Joe Paduano - 1967 Monza sport coupe

Robert Pohlmann, Sr. - 1966 Monza sport coupe

Steve Short - 1964 Greenbrier and '65 Fitch

Kent Sullivan - A trio from CorvairKid

Jim Tyska - 1965 Corsa turbo convertible

Jeff & Maureen Wells - 1965 Monza sport coupe

Ken Wildman - 1966 "Corsa-ized" Monza convertible

Benjamin Yaney - 1962 Monza convertible

All VV members are welcome to contribute to the scrapbook. Send photos by e-mail with "VV Scrapbook" on the subject line. JPG format is preferred. Please include a brief description, and
send your pictures to Gary Aubé at: gaube@corvaircorsa.com


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