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Benjamin Yaney
1962 Monza convertible

In March of 1998, I was looking for a classic car to fix up and found in a small used car lot in Dayton, Ohio, the 1962 Monza convertible pictured below. It was advertised as a car that ran well and had a "good top." The car did run, but only for a few minutes, after which it died and would not restart. The incident helped me negotiate a good price, and later, after getting the car home on a trailer, I discovered it had stopped running because it was out of gas!

One drive in the old classic and I was hooked, in spite of a vibration that was caused by an old riveted flywheel that was on its way to failure. I bought some parts, dropped the engine and drive train, and eliminated the vibration. Later, I went to work on the body and ended up with the handsome convertible you see here.

1962 Monza convertible

Visit my personal home page for more pictures: http://members.tripod.com/my62vair/

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