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Dave Binnie
'65 Turbo Monza

Here's a picture of my '65 Monza as it appears on the Corvair Corsa website. Finished a restoration on this car in late '99 before starting an early model project I'm still working on. The '65 has a blow-through turbo setup (as opposed to the stock Spyder and Corsa turbos which use "draw through" design). If you're curious about how it works, follow the link below the picture.

A picture of my latest project, the early model, will be posted here eventually.

1965 Monza with blow-through turbo

The blow-through turbo, Fall, 1999

Follow this link to Gary Aubé's Corvair Corsa website to see more pictures and tech detail on the turbo car: http://www.corvaircorsa.com/binnie01.html

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