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Victor Howard
Twin Monzas

Both of these fine Monzas were purchased between 2000 and 2002 after deciding to sell my trusty '61 Rampside. The '64 required only a refreshing of the interior as very little mechanical or exterior work was necessary. It is a 110 hp 4-speed that is extremely reliable and just pure fun to drive. The '66 is the second one of these purchased in that two year span.

Victor Howard's twin Monzas

The first one turned out to be full of rust and too expensive to repair. All the interior and mechanical work that was done to the first one had to be transferred to this one and it turned out beautifully. It is powered by a 140 hp engine and has telescopic steering wheel, air conditioning and all new interior. Most of the exterior trim is blacked out and it has been lowered 2 1/2" all around. It made the trip to the 2002 International Convention in Flagstaff!


1961 Rampside

This 1961 Rampside was my pride and joy! I purchased it in 1992, and spent many hours (and dollars) making it a beauty. I live in a community of about 30,000 people and to my knowledge, this was the only (running) Rampside around. I got many thumbs up while driving it. I sold it before buying the Monzas.

Vic Howard

Victor Howard's Rampside, Bullcity, AZ

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