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Stephen Short
1964 Greenbrier and '65 Fitch

Here are a couple pictures of my latest projects:

The first one is a 64' Greenbrier Deluxe with A/C and a few mods, including Olds wheels, a cloth bucket and custom interior, a full gauge package with custom console and wood steering wheel. There's also a 1000 watt stereo. Future mods will include a re-finished Spyder dash with white VDO gauges and power locks. It already has a nice power window setup and I will be adding power to the rear 4 windows.

1964 Greenbrier Deluxe

1965 Fitch ITA Race Car

The '65 is a Fitch ITA race car with a full 8- point roll cage and a balanced 140 that puts out an honest 250hp+. Mods include highly modified Rochester carbs w/ relocated jets, ported and polished heads with 327 style lifters, custom valve springs, and 2.5" headers. A high capacity oiling system uses an RX7 oil cooler and holds 10 quarts of Mobil 1.

Daytona here we come!

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