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Allan V. Lacki

Looking at the picture below, you would not suspect that this 1966 Corvair Monza coupe was known as "Le Heap" to my fellow cohorts in the New Jersey Association of Corvair Enthusiasts! In a spoof of Renault's "Le Car", the previous owner stenciled the words, "Le Heap" on the rocker panels of this very same car. And although the calligraphy was sanded off years ago, many of the folks in the club remember the name.

Despite its funny moniker, this car has a great history. It spent a good part of its life participating in ice races, rallies, autocross events, and time trials. Several times, it won its class at the Northeast Corvair Council's meet at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut.

Although retired from club racing, Le Heap still leads an active life. I still have fun driving this car to local car shows and Corvair events in eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.


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