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John and Chris Miller
1966 Corvair 500 sport sedan

This is our '66 500 with 110 Powerglide. We purchased the car sight unseen on Ebay. Its original owner died in 1994, and the car was kept in the estate until '99, when we purchased it. We flew to Ohio, met with the seller at the airport, and drove the 500 sedan back to our home in Iowa. The odometer read 19,486 miles at purchase.

Corvair 500 (rear 3/4 view)

These pictures were taken just about a year later, after exterior strip down and new paint. The wheels came off my '97 GMC pickup; 5 on 5" that I machined to fit 4 3/4". They are 8 by 15" American Racing 200s. That's me (below) in the black Corvair shirt.

John Miller beside his 1966 Corvair 500 sport sedan

We put front and rear spoilers on the car to make it more stable and fun to drive at Interstate speeds. We usually drive it about 300 miles on the weekends. That's Chris in the background, below. The yellow tinted headlights were an experiment, and were later changed out for clear units with stainless wire rock shields.

  John's better half, Chris, showing the 500

The engine was resealed and the car was made more roadworthy with new brake lines, wheel cylinders, a new master cylinder and silicone brake fluid. The heater boxes were flushed and new hoses were installed.

Custom touches in the engine compartment

We get out with our Corvair club, too. The picture below was taken at Snake Alley in Burlington, Iowa...the most crooked street in the world (according to Ripley's). That's our car at the top!

Snake Alley, Burlington, Iowa

With $3300 invested...I get asked if I want to sell it all the time...I just smile and say "no." The car now has just shy of 29,000 miles on it.

Miller 500 (rear spoiler view)

October, 2002

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