<VV> RE: Oversteer

Craig Nicol nicolcs at aol.com
Sat Dec 8 09:36:12 EST 2007

Not counting the "on purpose" type of oversteer (slalom races and icy
parking lots :-) my inadvertent, laughable, Corvair oversteer occurred when
I decided to drive to work with a mixed set of tires on my '62 GB camper -
front radial tires and rear bias (this was in the 70's).  My commute took me
down a 50 mph grade with several stop lights and a couple of miles on an LA
arterial (read heavy acceleration to 45 and quick braking) Every time I
braked, the rear would start sliding and proceed to come around.  This was
great fun! Imagine getting crossed up at every stop woo hoo!  Corners were
also amusing as you could feel the rear end starting to come around and it
was necessary to relax the steering a bit to compensate. Once I got back
home I finished my tire swapping and vowed to "never do that again".  It was
amusing though - kinda like having my very own slick-track wherever I
Craig Nicol

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