<VV> NO CORVAIR - Lonzo's health reminder

Connie hanssmom at cox.net
Sat Dec 8 09:34:59 EST 2007

Hi guys-

Lonzo=92s email reminded me that maybe I should send out a thought to =
you.  If
you happen to have a wife/girlfriend/daughter/mother who is one of those
women who HATES mammograms, make the appointment for her.  Take her
yourself.  Offer her a night on the town for doing this for you.  This
September at age 43, I finally went in for my 2nd mammography.  8 years
since the first one.  A lump was found, lumpectomy completed, clean bill =
health.  My point is, the surgeon told me he was sure it was nothing but
even if it WASN=94T nothing, it was found soon enough=85.that it would =
still be
nothing.  New digital mammography is amazing.  The surgeon wasn=92t able =
detect it from a physical exam, nor was I.  He told me that by the time =
women can detect it themselves, it=92s too late.   Don=92t let your =
loved ones
put it off.


And=85=85talk to your own dr. about one for you too.  My stepbrother =
could fill
you in on the details of why men need mammograms.  Who=92ll keep all =
corvairs alive if you don=92t take care of yourselves?



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