<VV> Stock Oil pump-remote cooler

BBRT chsadek at comcast.net
Fri Dec 21 11:28:03 EST 2007

Dan, I use and Jon Brakke used a stock oil pump, with remote coolers up 
front, and either -10 or -12 lines to and from. Oil Pressure is 75 psi. 
Have to be very careful when engine is cold not to run rpm up too high as 
oil pressure will blow out remote filter gasket. IMHO, stock pump is more 
than sufficient for a remote cooler.

Chuck S

Subject: <VV> Re: High Volume Oil pump

> Hi Bill,
> Never sheared off the drive pin on the distributer mounted gear but it 
> sure
> did increase the wear on the brass drive gear mounted on the end of the
> crank not to mention increasing the amount of metal filings floating 
> around
> in the oil.  If I ever go to a remote oil cooler on one of my rigs, I'll
> probably run a separate tilton pump straight off a deep sump oil pan 
> leaving
> the stock pump alone.
> Dan Kling

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