<VV> fuel pumps again....

N2VZD at aol.com N2VZD at aol.com
Sun Aug 1 11:22:07 EDT 2010

i always (as advised by the vendor or an insert in the box years ago ) put  
the new pump in a vise , push the plunger up as far as i can , ( a block i 
cut  to support it in the vise ) then loosen all screws and re tighten them 
so  diaphragms will not overstretch and leak when run. in fact i always 
replace  those stupid looking 1/4 inch , or stovebolt screws with cleaned up 
factory  screws saved from old pumps to make them look better.
so far , this has worked for me over many years on corvairs and other  
mechanical pumps.
i think it was AC that had a small paper in the box suggesting this before  
installing. i saw one last year at a large car show in a NOS pump box.  now 
 i wish i had taken a picture of it to share. i will next time!
regards, tim colson

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