<VV> Fw: Mechanical fuel pumps - leaks damage motor mounts ?

John Howell 32chevy at 0306.org
Thu Aug 5 15:51:51 EDT 2010

The leaks probably will damage the motor mounts but the chance of a fire 
could be worse, don`t drive with a leaking pump !

A guy brought a gas weed eater into work that had been setting all winter, 
it was gumbed up and wouldn`t start after several of us tried cranking on it 
! Another guy said let me show you something, he sprayed WD-40 into the 
carburetor and give it a few cranks and it started right up !

John Howell
True Life Adventures, Ha, Ha.

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>>>How was the WD-40 used on the pump ?
> ******
> For many years, after winter storage, my Sears lawn motor pulsing fuel 
> pump demanded that I pop out the diaphram sheet and soak it in WD40 for 
> 1/2 hour or so... whereupon it would run all summer , but needed that 
> treatment next spring.  WD 40 was also good for emergency rejuvination of 
> computer printer ribbons on the old dot matrix ... remember those .. a 
> little smudgy after the treatment, but real real dark.
> .....and of course, to do the Water Displacement trick on the distributor 
> cap and main coil wire after washing the vair engine at the local car 
> wash...
> It is a horrible lubricant, I have ruined several 2 stroke engines using 
> it as a storage oil.  gall city.  Now I use ATF, Marvel Mystery, RemOil 
> ( gunj stuff )... etc. etc.
> reargards, ken campbell, all wet in iadohoe

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