<VV> Has anyone ever repaired an e-brake cable ? YES

Tony Underwood tony.underwood at cox.net
Fri Aug 6 00:09:15 EDT 2010

At 01:23 AM 8/2/2010, Frank DuVal wrote:
>Yes, I have spliced an e-brake cable. It was before I started buying
>from Clark's back in the 70s. Since then it is easier to buy a cable.

About 20 years back I fabricated a cable from wire rope slightly 
heavier than stock.  I used the threaded adjustment segment from the 
original broken cable, and clamps to secure the wire to the 
adjustment segment.   The under-dash trunion was also fabricated from 
a screw and section of threaded sleeve, with some judicial grinding 
and cutting etc.

This was to be a stopgap until I could pick up another e-brake 
cable.   It ended up being backburnered... and is still on the car 
('65 ragtop) and still working.


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