<VV> Has anyone ever repaired an e-brake cable ? YES

Frank DuVal corvairduval at cox.net
Mon Aug 2 01:23:37 EDT 2010

Yes, I have spliced an e-brake cable. It was before I started buying 
from Clark's back in the 70s. Since then it is easier to buy a cable.

The tricks are:

1. Have a cable that has one problem area and not several rusty areas.
2. "Never saddle a dead horse".  Bet your life on this statement. But, 
when splicing and not looping a wire rope, which end is the dead horse? 
see here:  https://wrapup.tanhar.com/PDF/10.pdf  for a picture.
3. Trying to find an area where the break is and where two saddle clamps 
can run without striking an object is tough. You don't want to snag a 
saddle clamp on a bracket or wiring harness when applying the brake.
4. Crimp connections may work very well, as the factory used them, but 
who has that equipment?
5. You will find it MUCH easier to adjust the brake cable with the 
threaded rod and nuts provided by the factory than trying to pull the 
cable tight/install clamps, and tighten clamps while keeping the cable 
really taught. Forget that under the dash adjustment you speak fondly of.

Frank DuVal

Charles Lee wrote:

>You're right, Clark's catalog does verify the difference.  I was so busy 
>trying unsuccessfully to access the other guys' catalogs that I didn't see 
>Has anyone ever repaired one of these ?  I know it's only $30 (+S&H + 
>waiting for it to come), but even that seems like a lot for 9' of cable ?
>Does the pin in the brake handle come out easily - it seems nicely 
>squirreled away above and behind the steering column.
>The pulleys seem fairly accessible.
>Seems like the hard part is removing the cable and installing it.
>Building a new "middle" part of the old cable seems easy enough, with no 
>downside - could even put a piece up there under the dash for adjusting more 
>easily than going underneath to do that later ?

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