<VV> rear sill plates

J R Read_HML hmlinc at sbcglobal.net
Fri Aug 6 13:03:43 EDT 2010

A coupe is different than a vert?  Maybe so since the rear seat is narrower on the vert to leave room for the top mechanism.

There are none on a vert and I know the doors on a vert and coupe are interchangeable.  So, if there are rear sill plates on a coupe - you might have to remove the rear seat bottom (easy) to find at least one of the screws.  If you don't see them on the top side, they must be on the rocker side of the plate.

I never had a coupe.  You just taught me something.

Later, JR

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  There are rear plates on a coupe. Small ones to the rear of the door sill plates.

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    How difficult is it to remove the rear sill plates on a late model coupe? 

    Impossible, there aren't any.

    Later, JR

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