<VV> Concours sill plate extension removal

Louis Armer carmerjr at mindspring.com
Fri Aug 6 13:48:24 EDT 2010

Okay Guys,,,,,,,,,,Calm down, Yes JR, Scott, Jim, Joe et al, there 
are sill plate extensions in LM coupes..........If you have a fold 
down rear seat and want to remove sill plates or install new ones, 
you better plan on a helper, and about an hour of work time to safely 
remove  without damaging these extensions. To access the rearmost 
screws on the sill plate you need to remove the fold down rear seat 
back and the seat bottom. There are screws in the sill plate which go 
through the vinyl rear quarter panel as well as the screws which 
attach the sill plate extension to the horizontal double lipped floor 
protrusion. The screws which attach through the sill plate extension 
into the side panel are chrome plated but use no collars.

Chuck Armer

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