<VV> Late front shocks

PETER INMAN monza1965 at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 7 06:40:43 EDT 2010

Morning all; 
  My 65 Monza has a slight shock noise while driving in my gravel driveway that 
I believe must be coming from the front shocks. My car was partially restored by 
the prievious owner and the new shocks were installed so I dont know what we 
started out for correct parts identifycation. Question is in Clarks cat there is 
a front shock bushing on page 138 that they say must be used. I took one of the 
shocks off last night and mine has the two standard looking rubber shock 
bushings, 1/2 in thick along with the correct looking shock washers. Visually 
this is not the same setup as the catalog indicates. Why do you need the special 
bushings installed with the shocks? Can anyone please explain this to me? Thanks 
for helping me to understand this.

65 Monza


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