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P.H. Raker n556p at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 8 14:31:56 EDT 2010

     You wrote:
> The thing that I'm wondering about is his statement in the article that his 
> car is stock except for a 3.1L motor. Wouldn't that automatically put him 
> in  SM-3? Surely the 3.1L isn't legal in Street Stock.
     I agree completely.  There is something fishy about that situation.  The 3.1 motor should have put him at least into IS-1, if not into SM.  The SS rules specify a maximum of .060in overbore.  Even if the motor was stock, why would a 63 be in SS-4?  Assuming that it's a non-turbo, it should be in SS-1.
     There must be more to that situation than meets the eye.
Phil Raker
65 Corsa Cpe - 140/4
63 Greenbrier - 110/4


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