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BobHelt at aol.com BobHelt at aol.com
Sun Aug 8 15:08:16 EDT 2010

Hello Harry,
If I understand you correctly, you are calling the wiring diagrams in the  
Shop Manuals "pictorials" and you are asking for a colored version of a 
wiring  diagram that shows the internals of the switches and other electrical  
components. Is that correct?
If so, then I don't think such diagrams exists. 
Ned at  _AeroNed at aol.com_ (mailto:AeroNed at aol.com)  has taken the Shop 
Manual  diagrams and colorized them so that they are easy to follow, although 
the colors  used don't conform to the actual wire colors as far as I know. So 
actual wire  colors are no the same as the colored diagrams.
But if you are looking for diagrams that actually show the switch and  
component internals and how they work in schematic and pictorial format,  then 
please take a look at the diagrams in my book, THE CLASSIC CORVAIR.  No color 
here, but now you can interpret the internals of the turn signal  switches 
and others. This tells you how they work and what each component  terminals 
I hope that this helps.
Bob Helt
Somebody went to the trouble of taking the pictorial wiring diagrams, and  
redrew them schematic form.
Being an electronics guy, I've never liked the  pictorial format, prefering 
a schematic, and as simple as the corvair wiring is,  following uncolored 
lines in the shop manual was maddening to me. GM at least  had the sense to 
COLOR the leads on more complex systems, as these were multiple  three page 
foldouts. Still...

Now, who has the corvair schematics and how  do I get them?

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