<VV> Restoration - DIY is $atisfying <-- one for Guinness !!!!!

Charles Lee Chaz at ProperProper.com
Sun Aug 8 17:15:09 EDT 2010

You should record that anomaly for Guinness (no, not the beer, but maybe 
that too) !

I recently got estimates for a head gasket (non-Corvair) from $800 to $1500

The guy who wanted $1500 said he'd rather charge too much than nickel and
dime me later.

I asked him if he would charge less if it took less time, and he looked at
me like I was nuts, which of course I'd have to be to expect him to lower
the price after I agreed to his "logic" ?!?!?!?

He actually thought that logic would work ?  Does it ?  Maybe I'm in the
wrong business, since Barnum seems to have nailed it !

To paraphrase Barnum "It's bad business to allow fools to keep their money"
or more succinctly, "Fools are fair game" and Darwin was right !  (OK, that
was Spencer but that's another story)


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> That one is sort of funny to me.
> I once took a Vair for 4 wheel alignment to Firestone.  Had made sure
> everything turned as it should before hand.  They agreed to do the work,
> but not at the flat rate, they would charge for the time required instead.
> I had all the specs with me and "oversaw" the work.  I ended up paying
> (don't recall for certain $10 - maybe $15) LESS than their standard "book"
> rate. Grinned all the way home.
> So, while I did not personally align the car, I came away from the
> experience with a satisfaction similar to DIY.
> Later, JR
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>> 1a) the Flat Rate Manual - in my experience - tells me (a) the minimum I
>> will be charged, because they will not charge less (especially if you've
>> already agreed to pay more)
>> So, DIY is so much more satisfying on $o-o-o-o many levels !
>> Charlie

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