<VV> Divisional autocross championships

levair at aol.com levair at aol.com
Sun Aug 8 21:21:23 EDT 2010

Just finished the SCCA Great Lakes Divisionals Championships at Grissom 
AFB---great fun .

I run in EMod where there are NO engine rules, so I obviously did not 
win. It was a concrete surface where the 500 + horsepower  cars could 
put it all down. Yes I knew the rules when I built the car; I wanted it 
to be all Corvair.
Winning by a 3 second margin was a tube frame Corvette with a large 
block engine. followed by a 402  cid Camaro and a 100% Fiberglass 

    It was great fun to be playing with the National Championship 

I did enjoy the courses and lots of people were interested in my '64 
Spyder Roadster especially the announcer.  The car was handling great; 
primarily due to recent additions of roll stiffness to the rear 
On the Saturday course I went slower in 3rd gear and on Sunday's course 
I was faster in 3rd gear--must take more guts using third. (specific 
autocross third) .

People were asking me all weekend how old the car was and how long I 
had been autocrossing Corvairs (45 years).
   I suspected something  was up.

At the throphy presentation I received a $50 gift certificate at Tire 
Rack for being the "Autocross Geezer"---oldest car entered and most 
years autocrossing.

     Shucks I'm just happy to be  alive and anywhere at this age; 
especially racing at all.


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