<VV> 66 Monza Convertible Project, Part Deux

Karl Haakonsen cityhawk at pobox.com
Mon Aug 9 16:09:28 EDT 2010

Thanks for the welcome!

To those who mentioned it, I was aware that the 2012 Corsa convention is 
being held in Sturbridge, Mass (I just learned this a week or two ago!) 
and am thrilled. I did attend the convention in Washington, DC in 1991 
before falling off the Corvair radar for a long time. I just took some 
"before" pictures of the car as it exists today and put them up here:


My first tech question.... it appears that I lost my key to the car over 
the years. I was unable to jimmy either door open with a coat hanger 
today. Any suggestions as to getting into the car?

The interior shots are through the windows and the one that looks like a 
tree is growing inside is just a reflection off of the glass.

As you can see, it needs a lot of work. Getting it in a movable form to 
take to the 2012 convention is a tall order, unless I tow it there 
partially restored. :)

Also, this may be a Massachusetts-specific question, but when I bought 
the car, I had a hand-written bill-of-sale from the seller. I can't find 
it. How best to get a title for the car?

I've been amassing a series of books and manuals, some for the second 
time, since I can't find the ones I bought 20 years ago. I've got the 
shop manuals, the assembly manual, "How to Keep Your Corvair Alive" and 
"Classic Corvair" all of which I have been poring over with great interest.


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