<VV> Steering box question - adjustments ? (Additional Info)

RoboMan91324 at aol.com RoboMan91324 at aol.com
Tue Aug 10 15:05:22 EDT 2010

I received the information I have posted below in a private post and have 
forwarded it here without the original author's name to maintain his privacy. 
 I feel it includes valuable information for all on VV to take into 
consideration when adjusting their steering boxes.

Doc (Always willing to learn something new.)

Private Post, off list.  The steering nut is designed with a high center or 
tight "on center".  this is to remove all possible slop in the straight 
ahead position.  To prove this, take any and I mean any good tight ball and nut 
steering box car and crank it to one side.  It will gain 10 to 15 degrees 
of slop.  As you say where most wear takes place in the center and if you 
adjust for a snug contact off to one side it will tighten dramatically as you 
approch straight ahead  You can damage the little ball bearings on the shaft 
doing this.  The exception to this is if the whole center area of the nut is 
wore the hell out.  Then your guess is good as mine what to adjust it to.

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