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Tue Aug 10 16:09:37 EDT 2010

Not to pick on anybody but if you have warped rotors you may want to 
look at your driving style instead of at the wheel installer.

Been driving disc-brake-equipped cars now for 29 years, about 600,000 
miles, about 100,000 miles on each vehicle before it gets cast aside.  
Never had a rotor-warping problem.

I do re-torque my lug nuts, but what I do not do is haul my car down 
from high speed to a stop, and then sit there with my foot on the brake 
so that the heat is retained under the pads while the rest of the rotor 
cools.  Heating up the rotors and then sitting with your foot on the 
brake is a great way to warp rotors.

I practice the "anticipatory driving" that Frank Burkhard referenced 
recently, I aim for easy stops with minimal brake use, and I try to 
avoid having to keep my foot on the brake after heavy stops.  I think it 
works -- 29 years and no rotors replaced due to warping.

I see the red light a quarter-mile ahead and I back off, while others 
blast past me only to slam on their brakes when they get there.  I 
arrive at the light just as it is turning green, and the others and I 
leave the light at the same time, but I haven't used my brakes.  I use 
less gas, too.  The others are probably rushing to the dealer to 
complain about the pulsing brakes and the crummy mileage.

--Bob Marlow

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