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Eric Prosise eprosise at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 12 12:22:43 EDT 2010

This was relayed to me when I lived in Minnesota.  I have never tried it, but saw photos of the mouse-massacre.
I dont know if I would put it near the cars, because it tends to bait mice...
5 gallon plastic bucket, fill 1/4 full with water, or anti-freeze (preserves the rotting mice better)
Straighten a clothes hanger, and drill 2 small holes (hanger wire diameter) in the rim of the bucket, so you can thread the wire across the opening of the bucket.
Drill a hole, also wire size, in the top, and bottom of an empty pop can, and thread the wire through it (obviously, during the threading into the bucket), so the can spins freely in the center of the wire.
Coat the can liberally with peanut butter.
Use a couple sticks, or paint stir sticks, to make "ramps" up the sides of the bucket, up to the wire.
Every few days, empty the rotting mouse pile, or, if too many fill the bucket, they can just walk out.....
Obvioulsy, anti-freeze is deadly to children, pets, wildlife, etc, so use caution.
Eric P.
DeWitt, IA 		 	   		  

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