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The ongoing investigation into Toyota's unintended acceleration problem and 
cover up indicates that they have known of the problem since 2003.  In 
addition, there are reports from their own dealership mechanics confirming 
customer's complaints of this problem.  

Yes, I suspect that many, if not most, of the problems are due to driver 
error but there is confirmation of both a real problem as well as a cover up.

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> Uh, yes ... there are a lot of dumb drivers. However, the article 
> indicates of the reported incidences more than half might be driver error.  That 
> would lead one to realize something less than half were NOT driver error.  
> That is a lot of vehicle errors, even for Toyota.  Years of junkyard 
> experience tells me that Toyota quality has been add by their advertising 
> department from the beginning.   
> Ken P 
> >From the attached article:
> And in more than half of the crashes blamed on sudden acceleration 
> analyzed by the government, data from the vehicles&#65533; &#65533;black boxes&
> #65533; show the driver was not stepping on the brake at the time of the 
> accident&#65533;indicating that driver error may have been at fault.

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