<VV> Chevy's 100th

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Apparently, they celebrated it in 2008: 


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So am I right in thinking that Chevrolet will celebrate it's 100th 
anniversary in 2012? I believe the first Chevy was a 1912 Classic Six. 
Guess it would be to much to ask if GM is planning anything what with 
their financial state, but how about all the Chevy clubs inclding CORSA? 
Personally I don't think I'll see 100 but it's quite a milestone to acheive. 
I have a GM published book, titled The Chevy Story 1911-1961, it has a 
photograph of Louis Chevrolet driving the first 1911 Chevrolet. The back 
cover of the book features the brand new Corvair 95 Rampside pick-up. GMoore 
in MO 

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