<VV> more brakes: question

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You should be able to turn the drum.  

Another problem you may run into is brake shoes that get contaminated with
brake fluid have a tendency to brake harder than uncontaminated shoes.  With
the light weight of the front end of a Corvair it may pull severely to the
side of the contaminated shoes.  I've never been able to clean them up to
get rid of the problem.  Someone once posted to scrub them with Tide laundry
soap and then put them in the hot sun for a while would work.  I never tried


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Just FYI I just fixed the leaking front brake, but have not yet tracked down
the problem with the rears not working.. but while I was doing it:

My father (a LONG time retired mechanic) came by and tried to turn the drum
I had just reinstalled...  The drum can not be turned by hand.  I just
installed new shoes and put it together with the adjusters all the way in,
then took it for a short drive (before failure) during which it
theoretically adjusted somewhat.  I now put the drums on and bled the front

So with brand new shoes on unworn drums freshly installed.. should I be able
to turn the drum by hand?  If so what is wrong?  I assure you the brakes are
assembled correctly and I don't have any preload on the wheel bearings.  I
tightened the nuts with a ratchet, backed them out, and turned them back in
by hand.

The shoes are Wearever silver part FB189 and it is a 63 Monza coupe.  

Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez III

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