<VV> more brakes: question

Dennis Pleau dpleau at wavecable.com
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Two different issues, the reason it is so hard to turn is an adjustment


If he has a pulling problem due to contamination of the brake shoes, no
amount of adjusting will solve the problem.  It's a 63 so it should have
self adjusters, it doesn't much matter where he adjusts them they will be
adjusted properly in short order.  Actually they won't back themselves off,
so if they're too tight, they will have to wear in.


With self adjusters, I tend to set the brakes shoes loose and then do a
bunch of stops both forward and backward to properly adjust the shoes.




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Dennis, the EM's had adjustable brake linings. You need to loosen up the
brake linings by adjusting them in, run them out until they stop the drum,
then go in 8 clicks or so, so the drum turns easy and if you do all of them
the same then the car should stop straight. Mark Durham 

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 4:10 PM, Dennis Pleau <dpleau at wavecable.com> wrote:

You should be able to turn the drum.

Another problem you may run into is brake shoes that get contaminated with
brake fluid have a tendency to brake harder than uncontaminated shoes.  With
the light weight of the front end of a Corvair it may pull severely to the
side of the contaminated shoes.  I've never been able to clean them up to
get rid of the problem.  Someone once posted to scrub them with Tide laundry
soap and then put them in the hot sun for a while would work.  I never tried



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