<VV> more brakes: question

Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez vairguy at echoes.net
Fri Aug 13 21:49:45 EDT 2010

 My fathers concern was that the brakes would glaze from the heat generated 
by the drag.  The adjusters were all the way in so I couldn't set them any 
looser.  So far driving it around this evening it seems ok though there is a 
little bit of drag noticeable at very low speed.

 I never did figure out why I had no rear brakes when I lost the fronts 
(with dual MC) last night.  I fixed the front and now the rears work fine as 
well but that kinda defeats the purpose of my investment in a dual MC!  To 
recap for anyone who missed it I blew a front wheel cylinder last night and 
lost all four brakes... pedal went right to the floor easily.  I did pump it 
plenty and it produced no effect.

The brakes are stopping the car nice and straight currently.  I cleaned the 
shoes that got brake fluid on them with standard brake cleaner and so far 
they are ok but I'll be watching for any signs of pulling as they break in.

Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez III
Lake Ariel, PA
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> Two different issues, the reason it is so hard to turn is an adjustment
> problem.
> If he has a pulling problem due to contamination of the brake shoes, no
> amount of adjusting will solve the problem.  It's a 63 so it should have
> self adjusters, it doesn't much matter where he adjusts them they will be
> adjusted properly in short order.  Actually they won't back themselves 
> off,
> so if they're too tight, they will have to wear in.
> With self adjusters, I tend to set the brakes shoes loose and then do a
> bunch of stops both forward and backward to properly adjust the shoes.
> dp

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