<VV> more brakes: question

Bryan Blackwell bryan at skiblack.com
Sat Aug 14 13:09:45 EDT 2010

I've lost fluid with both a single and dual m/c.  With the single I blew a rusty line.  As you'd expect, I had zero brakes, but it happened at relatively low speeds so using the gears was easy enough to get the car to the side, where I could use the e-brake to bring the car to a halt.

The other time was a fresh install with all new components, I had a defective wheel cylinder that slowly leaked all the fluid out.  I lost the brakes during rush hour on I-66 at about 60 mph.  The dual cylinder gave me *some* brakes, enough to get the car off to the side and see what happened.  I drove the car very carefully the rest of the way to work, put some fluid in it to get home, and fixed it later.

As you have noted, the pedal was nearly to the floor, and the braking wasn't very good.  If your expectation is to barely notice a problem other than a warning light, I agree that it's not that good.  If you think this is more a system to get you to the side of the road, that's about what I found.  I think it's better than nothing, so all the 'Vairs here get the conversion.


On Aug 14, 2010, at 11:44 AM, Geoffrey Stozek wrote:

> Interesting.    A few years ago a front brake hose blew on my 92 Silhouette.   
> To my surprise, it was as if I had almost no brakes at all.   Pedal to floor and 
> at best a slight drag.    Before I convert any of my pre 67 Vairs, I would like 
> to know if dual master cylinders are worth having.?   How should one work in the 
> event of a failure provided all other components are in perfect working order?  
>  Does anyone in VV land actually know?  I'm looking for factual information 
> here, not just opinions.  

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