<VV> more brakes: question

Ray "Grymm" Rodriguez vairguy at echoes.net
Sat Aug 14 14:58:19 EDT 2010

To all:  Many are saying they have experienced "almost" no brakes with the 
dual MC when one pot is empty...  but shouldn't the pedal pump up at least a 
little?  My pedal did not pump up and I had no noticeable braking action 
from the pedal.  Perhaps if I pumped like a madman or held it to the floor I 
might have experienced a little drag, but I grabbed the parking brake and 
stopped the car instead which worked fine.  The brakes initially failed as I 
approaced a stop at a "T" intersection and I darn near hit a tree. 
Fortunately I wasn't going too fast and was able to steer through the turn 
missing the tree by about two feet, then stop the car afterward.  I can't 
express how upset I'd be if I had hit that tree right after spending money I 
really couldn't spare on a dual MC conversion.

If this is really all we can expect from a dual MC in the event of a failure 
I think we need a new brake conversion.  If this thing is not defective and 
that's the way it works I want my money back!

Tim,  Thanks for the compliment =)  It feels good to save cars from that 
kind of fate.

The brakes work fine on all four corners as long as there is fluid in both 
reservoirs, as soon as the front reservoir emptied out I lost ALL four 
brakes.  I fixed the leaking wheel cylinder, filled the MC and bled the 
system again and all four work fine again.  It works just like a single MC.. 
which is ridiculous!  I guess it's got to be faulty, but I'd like to test 
the new one when I install it.  I guess what I'll do is leave the chamber 
for the fronts empty on the new MC, bleed the rears and test the brakes 
before I fill and bleed the front brakes and see what I get.

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> Ray, If you have the car on a lift or jackstands have someone step on the 
> pedal and while holding the pedal try turning the wheels 1 at a time. If 
> wheels turn while holding pedal down that wheel is not getting sufficient 
> pressure. Maybe a restriction in a line, connector, or hose? I'll agree 
> with JR about shoe adjustment to the drums. Didn't the "old boys" used to 
> arc the shoes with a special tool?
> But congrats on driving the car after it sat 20 some years. Very 
> impressive to me at least.
> Timothy Shortle in Durango Colorado
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>>Is there a way to test the MC to make sure it is working properly?  Once I
>>get the replacement I'd like to test it and make sure it doesn't have the
>>same problem.
>>Come to think of it, when bleeding the brakes one at a time shouldn't the
>>pedal give some resistance rather then going ALL the way to the floor 
>>since half the system should still be working?
>>Ray R.
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>>> Get another MC... that one is most likely leaking internally.
>>> Matt Nall
>>> Charleston, Oregon
>>> http://mysite.ncnetwork.net/reswr0kp/
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