<VV> Carb Help Needed (Idle Circuit)

Mark Durham 62vair at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 13:20:47 EDT 2010

Ray, before you throw away those lower carb bowls, barring success using the
a fore mentioned probes and air, I bought a Gunk Carb Cleaner kit, comes in
a 1 gallon paint bucket with a basket for small parts. I soaked my carb
bases for days to get the circuits cleaned.

For prevention, I use some marvel mystery oil in the gas, keeps things
loosened up and also is a great top cylinder and valve stem lube.

I bought the gunk on line thru ACE hardware and it was shipped free to your
local store and I went in with the receipt and picked it up. ACE does not
regularly stock the stuff but will sell it. The Gunk P/N is CC3K in case you
want to try and find it elsewhere.

Mark Durham

On 8/15/10, Mikeamauro at aol.com <Mikeamauro at aol.com> wrote:
> "...any advice on what to do to try to fix the idle circuit on this
> carb..."
> Ray, The problem likely is due to a lean condition being caused  by a
> blockage somewhere in the idle circuit. After being certain all  the carb
> settings meet spec; there are no vacuum leaks, and the carbs are  correctly
> balanced, try the following: remove the idle mixture screw; using
> the  "straw" that
> comes with your favorite aerosol carb cleaner, place the "straw"  firmly
> into the adjustment screw opening and squirt a generous dose of
> cleaner  into
> the opening; you should hear squirting sounds from the throat of  the
> carburetor. For good measure, follow up with a blast of compressed air  (I
> use
> about 75 psi), again, directly into the idle mixture screw  opening. I've
> had
> carbs, especially since the introduction of  ethanol-infected fuel,
> requiring
> this treatment on a reoccurring basis.  And, I've also had to completely
> abandon use of several carbs due to  deterioration of the internal
> passageways. Hope your "good buy" carb is not one  destined for the scrap
> heap. If you
> are having to use ethanol-blended fuel,  suggest you start using, with each
> fill up, a dose of Sta-Bil (or similar),  ethanol fuel treatment. Since
> beginning use of the aforementioned Sta-Bil  product, with known good
> carbs,
> I've not had recurring idle circuit  problems with any of my Vairs.
> Mike Mauro
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