<VV> Carb Help Needed (Idle Circuit)

Mikeamauro at aol.com Mikeamauro at aol.com
Sun Aug 15 11:30:13 EDT 2010

"...any advice on what to do to try to fix the idle circuit on this  
Ray, The problem likely is due to a lean condition being caused  by a 
blockage somewhere in the idle circuit. After being certain all  the carb 
settings meet spec; there are no vacuum leaks, and the carbs are  correctly 
balanced, try the following: remove the idle mixture screw; using the  "straw" that 
comes with your favorite aerosol carb cleaner, place the "straw"  firmly 
into the adjustment screw opening and squirt a generous dose of cleaner  into 
the opening; you should hear squirting sounds from the throat of  the 
carburetor. For good measure, follow up with a blast of compressed air  (I use 
about 75 psi), again, directly into the idle mixture screw  opening. I've had 
carbs, especially since the introduction of  ethanol-infected fuel, requiring 
this treatment on a reoccurring basis.  And, I've also had to completely 
abandon use of several carbs due to  deterioration of the internal 
passageways. Hope your "good buy" carb is not one  destined for the scrap heap. If you 
are having to use ethanol-blended fuel,  suggest you start using, with each 
fill up, a dose of Sta-Bil (or similar),  ethanol fuel treatment. Since 
beginning use of the aforementioned Sta-Bil  product, with known good carbs, 
I've not had recurring idle circuit  problems with any of my Vairs.  
Mike Mauro

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