<VV> Japanese cars and the Vair communityy

Mike Jacobi mvjacobi at comcast.net
Mon Aug 16 09:09:42 EDT 2010

I simply refuse to buy any car made in Japan, or that enrich a company based
there.  Nor, if I have a choice, will I buy anything made in Japan if there
is a viable alternative made elsewhere.  My reasons are both historical and
moral.  Anyone who would like to know the basis for this are welcome to
contact me offline.  After all, Toyota problems have little to do with the

And in regard to paying someone to fix a vair.  I have no problem doing
that, in fact without the able and reasonably priced help of Ken Hand here
in Michigan, my vair would still be on blocks in the garage.

I am one of those people who are mechanically challenged.  I can do simple
repairs...oil changes filter replacement etc.  The rest I pay experts to do
and concentrate on doing what my profession pays me to do.  This works best
for me.

The real reason I drive a Corvair I think is the wonderful fellowship of my
local club, the DACC and the sheer fun of driving a car that causes so much
comment.  The folks on VV and in CORSA really round out the picture.  It's
not about the car for me, its about the community.

As someone else on the list so eloquently states, "this is my opinion, your
mileage may vary"

Mike in Michigan


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