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"Smitty" <vairologist at cox.net> wrote:

Smitty Says;   I am not picking on anyone here but as one who has dozens of rear 
bearing failures due to the tongue weight of my camper I have to say this.  Anybody who 
drives an Early rear bearing failure to the point it unscrews from under the car has a 
serious auditory problem or they are dense.  In my 45 years of driving Earlies I have 
never had one fail that wasn't making a grinding or rumbling or squealing noise long 
before it locked up.  If you keep on driving it after that starts you have a more serious 
problem than brake failure along with bearing failure.  Mechanical things 
go"bump" because they need attention.

For the most part I will agree ... However, having once been the victim of a totally silent bearing failure I know strange things sometimes happen.  In my case the axle shaft left the transaxle on a very slow left turn and the car stopped by itself just shy of a parking place at the curb.  I learned my lesson the easy way that time ... have put dual master cylinder on my EM drivers ever since.  Ya just never know :-[   
Ken P

On a somewhat related note my wife's Chevette lost it's front brakes one time and it was 
left with the rears.  Pedal height was not abnormal but it would squall the rear tires 
for a block when trying to stop any other than gently.  I'm not likely to ever put a dual 
on but if I did I would expect either failure to be able to lock up the remaining brakes. 

Your Chevette system worked as one would expect and a Corvair with a properly functioning dual cylinder system should be about the same but with a little bit better stopping power due to its rear weight bias.  Most drivers would not notice if the rear brakes would have been lost on most cars.  That is where the brake warning light comes in.  By the way, that is also the way an early Model T would stop :-)
Ken P

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