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 My car is stock as a rock, and pretty damn quick! 
As far as the 'feel' goes, the modern EFI cars 'feel' pretty darn quick too. The fact they don't have all the holes in the power band like carbed engines have means they are smoother, but they make power in places where carbed engines suffer. And they 'feel' a lot quicker for it! No more waiting for the induction to wake up, no more waiting for the power to come on, sorry, you're flat wrong on this one. 


John Roberts


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 Last I checked, we're in the midst of a horsepower war again! 150 TRUE SAE HP 

is common as grass, and now there are a bunch of very affordable cars with 

300-400 HP. 

So, no idea what Matt is talking about as far as no more HP. My Subaru Legacy GT 

wagon has 250 HP, 250 ft-lbs torque, all out of 150 CID. And it gets 28 MPG 


John Roberts


John,  find someone with an otherwise stock engine with any type of FI...they 

will tell you

They start easy and idle cold so nice....  they drive so nice.... they don't 

slow down on small hills as readily...

But they FEEL  like they make no more POWER in normal driving...

 We are talking REAL LIFE here... Corvairs....

Matt Nall

Charleston, Oregon




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